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O3PR Connecting different worlds

Partnership. Success. Results. This is our philosophy. Our clients are also our partners, and together we achieve success and measurable results.
Our mission is to create value for our partners. We connect different worlds and offer alternative perspectives. We inspire audiences and redefine horizons. We alter social perceptions for the benefit of our partners and build their social support. We acknowledge no barriers, because we believe there are no unattainable goals.

We have implemented dozens of campaigns for well-known Bulgarian and international companies in different areas of expertise, such as fast-moving consumer goods, government and public affairs, b2b, investments, political and non-governmental organizations, banking, finance, health care, pharmacy, insurances, law, media, education, transportation and aviation, agriculture, entertainment, fashion and accessories, retail, real estate, travel, tourism, lotteries, automotive etc.

Our motto is the success of our clients.

We provide collaboration
in the field of communication services


and communication strategies


We develop complete creative and communication strategies for our clients. O3PR can help your organization to navigate in a world full of information, while spreading your messages successfully. We generate wonderful ideas, creative campaigns and use our media relations to build your business's reputation, while bringing excellent results.




Crisis communication and reputation management are among the most important communication instruments in which a company could invest. O3PR works with companies in times of crisis on all levels. We protect our clients and reduce negative impacts of any communication crisis.




The digital revolution changed the world. Everything nowadays follows new rules. The rise of social media has turned internet into a platform for open dialogue. Each day millions of users share their points of view on topics important to them in the global network.
At O3PR we can follow and hear this information, and can help you to use it, in order to reach new business and communication levels. We are proactive and we keep up with the latest trends. We manage influential online communities in social media and know how to provoke them and turn their attention to the topics important for you and your business.
Our company offers this key marketing tool, including activities such as:

  • Website development
  • Managing social media profiles, pages and groups
  • Developing and managing corporate blogs
  • Online product positioning
  • Information updates
  • Analysis of all incoming information in forums and social media about our clients and their competitors
  • Planning reactive strategies




Not knowing our starting point means we can’t choose the correct goals which to aim for. Public information analysis is an excellent tool, which helps us decide where we stand right now and where our business could be in the future. Media analysis is not a standard product. We at O3PR can write a media analysis for your business, depending on the subject you are interested in.
Our services are based on scientific principles for content analysis which guarantees their high quality.




The best events are the ones that have a long-term and positive effect. We can guarantee huge positive public response to all your events every step of the way from the event concept and management, till our personal approach towards every detail. We have following events in our portfolio:

  • Planned and emergency press conferences
  • Seminars
  • Conferences
  • Annual parties
  • Open days
  • Presentations
  • Informal meetings with journalists and/or VIP audiences




Over the last decade we have witnessed a revolution in the new technologies and the way we create and consume information.
We at O3PR approach the creation and maintenance of successful relationship with the media by having the right attitude: we offer short, appropriate and interesting materials, which attract the attention of both media and public. When this is not enough we add other communication instruments, such as media conferences, events, informal meetings, press releases, initiation of different discussions in social media, etc.


and Brand PR


Brand image and company reputation are of great value and importance for each organization. Our team at O3PR has extensive professional experience and know-how of managing corporate reputation and brands. Hence we not only build a positive public image for your company and maintain the trust in your brand but we also contribute for your business success.
О3PR offers a full range of services in all areas of corporate and brand PR. Our activities include creating and maintaining a positive image and reputation of our clients, such as:

  • Examining public attitudes
  • Preparation of complete communication concepts
  • Company image and positioning
  • Creating brand messaging
  • Active media relations
  • Attracting key people
  • Personal PR
  • Consultations for businesses and individuals on their public presentation
  • PR crisis management
  • Lobbying
  • Internal communications
  • Texts and speech writing and editing
  • Analysis and report writing
  • Media content analysis
  • Creating a methodology for measuring results


Vania Kuseva

Vania Kuseva



When you set your goals and you have a strategy how to achieve them, the only thing that remains to be added is the perfect team, and then your formula for success is done!

I studied journalism in Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. During my first year at the university I decided that there is no time to loose and I started working as a radio journalist at first and after that as a TV journalist. During my journalist career I have worked with the best in the field – Valia Gizdarska, Milen Tsvetkov, Nikolai Doinov, Miroslava Ivanova, Valeri Naidenov, Iva Petroni and many others. Even though until now I occasionally try to talk to the TV in order to ask the right questions, I decided it was time to make a change. This is how I started O3PR in 2006. Since then we gained the trust of organizations working in the field of fast moving goods, utility, real estate, banking, finance, investments, health care, pharmacy, education, automotive, sport, lottery, entertainment, politics, banking, state and municipality institutions.

Our experience helps us to feel more confident when we give an expertise to our partners. Our plans for the future are big, just like they were in 2006.

Marina Kirova-Borisova

Marina Kirova-Borisova

PR manager


Always aim to achieve the best for your clients. Their success is the best award!

I studied journalism and PR in Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” and I have a master’s degree from Lund University, Sweden. I also have a PhD in journalism.
I have almost 20 years of professional experience as a journalist and PR specialist. My experience is in the field of corporate and brand communication, image, political PR. I have worked on projects and campaigns of different Bulgarian and international companies such as Sanofi, Bramac, Iwostin laboratory, Sopharma, Rollplast, Solid 55, Enigma, Municipality bank and many others.

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